Finding Stillness

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For whom
This class is aimed at people interested in finding an inner stillness on and off stage. It is geared at amateur actors and dancers who have some performance experience and who are interested in deepening their body awareness. Enthusiastic and motivated beginners are also welcome.

These classes are aimed at deepening embodied practice by exploring movement techniques that develop body awareness. The class material is informed by movement approaches such as Body Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Skinner Releasing Technique, Yoga, Rolfing, Contact Improvisation and Experiential Anatomy. Such approaches support a first person engagement with the work and offer an alternative to the more codified, ‘didactic’ dance classes. Each class begins with bodywork (massage) where participants come into physical contact as they awaken joints, muscles and internal organs. This leads to somatic investigations (guided improvisations using imagery) that start from the floor and gradually work up to standing. The focus is to draw attention to weight, breath and the skeletal structure. We incorporate this body awareness into collaborative exercises and improvisational experiments through group-work. These include working with the organization of bodies in space, exploring non-verbal communication through posture and gesture, devising collaborative theatre sketches and working on group improvisations.

Gill Clarke (2011) was a pioneer of bringing this type of work into dance pedagogy. You can see an example of her teaching here

Natalie Heller is a choreographer and dance artist. She has an MA in ‘Creative Practice’ from Trinity Laban and professional training from Dance New Amsterdam (NYC), Movement Research (NYC), Siobhan Davies Studios (London) and Ecole Supérieure de l’Enseignement de la Danse (Montpellier, France). She is interested in body awareness and in helping her students develop energy efficient movement pathways. It was on her exploration of different movement methodologies that she discovered Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates, Thai massage, Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, Alexander Technique, Skinner Releasing, Feldenkrais, Klein Technique and many others. She has been taking movement workshops for over twenty years and has been trained by key players in the field (including Gill Clarke, KJ, Holmes, Malcolm Manning, Eva Karczag and many others). She has been teaching movement techniques since 2006.

Timespan and costs
5  lessons on Tuesday 17:30-19:30. Starts November 1,  2016
UL-students € 70 | employees UL € 85* | others € 90

* If you wish to make use of the employee rate, please email to or visit our desk to apply.

Location: Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden. Studio: K0.31


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