Dance Improvisation: Movements of reading and dreams

For whom 
These sessions of dance improvisation have an interdisciplinary tone (involving a little bit of poetry and of drawing). Experience of dance and/or dance improvisation is very welcome but not required, you might come from a different field or perspective: curiosity for movement and adventurous minds are the key. If you need more details about the sessions, please contact emilie

How does reading move us? These sessions will depart from modalities of writing movement in order to better concentrate on movements of reading, i.e. the often invisible movements generated while reading. We will cultivate the tiny movements (of perception, of thoughts, of imagination) and give them the chance to grow, spread, and expand to the other; in search for new realities collectively composed.

The sessions will comprehend:
-       a multimodal approach of dance notation (sensorial, poetic, analytic ways of approaching movement, the body of the text): how do we publish our dance?
-       the study of the reading-movement and of the ‘performance of readership’: with dance improvisation and speculative movement exercises, we will awaken a tactile gaze (a reading beyond symbols and straightforward meaning making), and we will practice dreaming as a possible way of reading, how might reading lead us to the dream, to dance, and to the unknown universe of someone else?  
-       The sharing of imagined narratives and their material manifestations (dances of the imprint, dances of the pencil, narrated dances

Teacher since 2004, Emilie Gallier is also choreographer, performer (POST Cie), and researcher  (C-DaRE Coventry University) based in Leiden. Her work shows a recurrent interest for movements of imagination, perception and thought. She uses the writing of movement and the reading of movement (in scores and choreographic objects) to study our relations within theatre; experimenting for instance exchanges between spectators in the moment of the choreographic event. Her choreographic productions for the stage and for the paper, her lectures, workshops, are presented in the Netherlands, in the UK, and in France. Since January 2016 PhD Candidate in Coventry, Emilie graduated from the Master of Choreography in Arnhem in 2012. She was in the first cohort of the programme ‘Transforme’ led by Myriam Gourfink in France in 2008, and she learned Laban notation at the Conservatoire National de Paris in Paris in 2009-2010.

Length and costs 
4 lessons on Wednesdays 20h15 to 21h45. Starting the 5th of April 2017.
UL-students € 51| employees UL € 56| others € 60 *

* People under the age of 21 pay a tax free course price.
If you wish to make use of the employee rate, please email to or visit our desk to apply.
Location: Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden. Studio: 2.33


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