Egyptian Dances

For whom  
For those who wish to experience a healthy and joyful way of dancing (no matter age nor the experience) and create bonds with other fellow dancers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The course is for all levels as anybody can benefit from deepening quality of movement and learning different styles.

In the course we will learn to ground our posture, release tensions in the upper and lower torso, give energy to our pelvic area and improve our verticality together with  the joy of exploring new movements. Egyptian dance is a holistic manner of dancing that entails the whole body . It is a personal inner dialogue with music in the moment of the improvisation. Egyptian dance has roots in ancient traditions. It is a name under which we gather the classical , traditional and ritual dances of the Egyptian / Arabic cultural heritage. Laura teaches the classical Sharqui style, Baladi (popular) and Shaabi/ghawazee (folk dances). Here are a few examples



Laura de Gaspari studied in London( 1987-92) with renowned dancer en choreographer Suraya Hilal and toured in her pioneering company The Dance Theater of Egypt composed of a full Arab orchestra . Through that experience Laura has discovered the richness and beauty of the soul of Egyptian / Arabic dance and the power of its music.  Since then Laura has been devoting herself incessantly to teaching, researching ( through travelling in Egypt and her background in philosophy) and performing with live music ( UK, Belgium). In the Netherlands, Laura works with a small ensemble of musicians who perform the art of Classical Arabic with voice and dance.

Length and costs
12 lessons on Friday from 20:30-21:45. Starting the 17th of February
UL-students € 110 | employees UL € 134 | others € 142 *

Free trial class 10th February 20:30-21:30 - email to sign up!

If you wish to make use of the employee rate, please email to or visit our desk to apply.
Location: Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden. Studio: K.031



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Performance Egyptian Dances

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