In order to better understand Europe’s present state and current dilemmas, this series presents lectures, discussion and a theater show.

WED|DEC|14 Migrating to Europe: facts, figures and stories

The current migration flow to Europe – and more specifically the one to the Netherlands – is an infinite source for moral discussions as well as political spinning. But what are the facts concerning migration? During this discussion night, an academic viewpoint on the current migration flow will meet the personal experience of refugees.

WED|DEC|21 Fortress Europe needs its citizens

European integration has become contested. Citizens no longer take it for granted and have become more critical of European policy. Furthermore, the EU is struggling with a number of important policy challenges. After the Brexit vote it is at least clear that citizens do have an opinion, which needs to be integrated into the political debate on Europe’s future. How can we understand the role citizens play in European integration?

WED|JAN|18 Europe and its culture

Over the past decade, the European Union has been experiencing a drawn-out crisis, politically as well as economically. Sociologist Pascal Gielen will argue that an important element is missing from the debate: culture. The European project will never succeed if it does not recognize culture as its main raison d’être . After the break, Astrid Van Weyenberg continues with a lecture on how culture has become a key instrument in trying to shift people’s national sentiments to a loyalty to the European community.

DI|JAN|24 Theatershow De Man door Europa

Aanslagen op Europees grondgebied, vluchtelingen en grenzen die worden gesloten. De ontwikkeling waarin ons continent zich momenteel bevindt, vormt het uitgangspunt voor De Man door Europa. Voor deze solovoorstelling reisde Lucas De Man door Europa, deed 17 steden in 8 landen aan en interviewde meer dan 20 creators die opstaan en strijden voor verandering. Terug in Nederland neemt Lucas je mee op zijn reis en door de geschiedenis van Europa.